Is Altredo a scam?
No! Altredo is a working and 100% legit.
And of course we have a lot haters.
These are morons, sitting on mammy’s lap, using a pirated version of Altredo binary option and forex trading system (pirated version won’t work since the license is not activated on our end). Also, those haters are so called signal provider or home trader with $20 bucks in the bank account. Unsuccessful people (the mentioned groups above never will be successful) looking all time for something to blame except their own mistakes and childish behavior.
These people are not willing to learn, thinking to be a millionaire over night. People like this could say the Altredo binary option and forex trading system is a scam, buy they are not our real customers and their reviews are fake.
We can assure you that Altredo is real and legit.